In order to change your company strategy by means of a successful and profitable transaction you will require professional advice and support. On this particular subject, you would consider selling your company, buying another company or changing your market positioning and the organizational changes that come along with it. This is where Boodt Management Deelneming BV (BMD) comes in play: we have gained a lot of experience over the past years, in many different industries, and in this particular area. That’s why we are here to assist to make this process a success.

Associations and networks

We are a member of KIVI NIRIA (Royal Engineering Institute), CEDA (Central Dredging Association), Maintenance in Dredging, MTC (Motor Technical Colloquim),  NVDO Infraplatform (founder), Railforum Nederland (founder) and FME Holland Rail Industry (founder).

Within the platforms of these associations we are able to keep our in-depth knowledge up-to-date, develop our expertise further, stay informed about market developments and have entry into a large network.

We have a preview of some companies that are for sale, in demand or looking for an investor by viewing our detailed company profiles.


We strive to improve your company’s:

  • Strategic position
  • Financial results and balance between your own and outsourced activities
  • Commercial, engineering, manufacturing / production and maintenance performances
  • Project oriented approach
  • Information supply and communication
  • Customerfocus and collaboration.

We value the following aspects as most important: trust, reliability, responsibility, honesty and integrity.

Acquisition / fusion

Company profiles

In the area of ​​acquisitions Boodt management BV has various companies in its portfolio offered for sale or companies wanting to buy other companies.

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Background & experience

Kees Boodt, the driving force behind Boodt Management Deelneming BV, has a practical background of working and studying at Lower Technical School (LTS), Intermediate Technical School (MTS), Higher Technical School (HTS), Technical University Delft with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Msc). Thereafter he has fulfilled various project and management positions at e.g. Engineering Office of Public Works Rotterdam, GEB & EZH, Royal Frans Swarttouw, Kloos Railway Systems, energy production company UNA, ZAR Services, Croon Elektrotechniek and Energie Noord West Amsterdam.


If you want to know what added value BMD can imply towards your company, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +31 (0)6 51363040 or boodt@boodt.com.

Our customers

Our services are aimed on small and medium enterprises (SME) in the:

  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Construction
  • Land, road and waterway construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Storage & transhipment
  • (Former) utility companies (government /non-government)
  • Municipal and governmental authorities.