Engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of mixing and heat exchanger systems

Business scope This company designs, builds and implements in line mixers. These in line mixers can be applied for mixing, heat exchange and dispersion. Due to numerous unique inventions the products are very suitable for cleaning processes, CIP (Cleaning In Place), but also for aggressive liquids and gasses, low and high temperatures, pressures from vacuum until 500 bar and a wide range of viscosities. Every imaginable combination of gas, liquid and solid substance (powder and small particles) can be mixed, emulsified, suspended or thermally treated by means of an in line mixer.
Customers The company is active in the following areas: food industry, polymer and chemical industry.
Solutions As a result of the company’s expertise it is able to offer tailor-made solutions for all kinds of problems. Key issues are efficiency, hygiene, safety and maintenance. The products of this company do not need a lot of maintenance, because its ingenious systems reduce maintenance costs to a minimum. Service however, is one of the company’s top priorities.
Projects Each project is custom-made and based on the customer’s preferences; from design to realisation and after sales care. This results in a highly sophisticated product and an optimum service. In this way, being in motion not only applies to the company, but to the customer as well.
Location This company is located in an industrial area in the western part of the Netherlands and in a leased building (till 1 May 2016).
Certification It is certified for:

  • NEN-ISO 9001 quality management system
  • Import boiler and pressure vessel safety quality licensing system
  • Pressure equipment directive PED/97/23/EU, certificate module H/H1
Revenue & profit The turnover for 2013 will be around € 2,500,000 with a normalised EBIT of around 20%.
Sales Transfer 100% of the shares against payment in cash.
Transfer The principal owner is willing to continue for several years under certain conditions and for whom tasks and responsibilities have to be determined as well.

Production & sales of energy drink

Product Registered in the Benelux Trade Register and is a protected recipe.
Reason for selling company Director shareholder has another company as main activity and this energy drink company takes too much of his time nowadays.
Certificate Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
Strengths The taste is popular amongst the public. Trade name and promotion are developed. Original sponsor formula.
Status of market development Producer is selected and has produced the product. The product is distributed through a retail canal and is sold as a part of sponsoring via sports clubs.
Preferred buyers Drink producer or bottler, wholesale food, food distributor, chain organisations for e.g. car screen repair, events. Management Buy-In that performs well in sales and disposes of the necessary funds.
Transfer The owner prefers to transfer his responsibilities as soon as possible.
Sale Cash payment or earn-out.

Group with civil construction & installation activities

Branch The consortium of companies are active in the field of concrete, construction and civil engineering, civil and utility works, creating networks of electric power, gas and water installations and installations in the area of telecommunications, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, data communications, computer and security technology and also inspections and tests.
Clients The group works for the Water Board, District Water Control Boards, Dutch Directorate for Public Works and Water Management, municipalities, property developers, engineering offices, telecom operators, agencies and private companies, etc.
Working area Netherlands
Projects The projects executed are new builds, maintenance and subcontracting. They consist of treatment plants, bridges/viaducts, tunnels, basins, utility works, paving, construction and making it ready for construction, demolition, reconstructions, engineering installation works. Orders are primarily obtained from the tender market.
Strong points of the group
  • Specialization on the water treatment market, pressure drainage and security installations
  • Agility (by management that is focused on execution) in combination with short lines in the organization
  • Availability of strong replacement management
  • Not dependent on the bank
  • Financial management of projects
  • Facilities
  • Qualified staff
Employees 54
Locations 4
Certificates The companies are certified with: NEN-EN-ISO, VCA **, the Railinfra-companies: Kenteq: recognized learning company and the electrical contractors who need to use: NCP – Technical burglary protection installations, NCP – electrical contractors who are allowed to install fire protection facilities, Molex Premise Networks – authorized installer.
Turnover More than 20 million euro, with excellent results. (Turnover Installation > 3 million euro).
Change of ownership When the take-over takes place, then the owner of the holding company will transfer his activities and responsibilities as soon as possible, and the general managers of the civil contracting and electrical contracting companies will transfer their activities and responsibilities within half a year. Replacement management with sufficient skills is available.
Preconditions sales Separate sales of construction and installation activities is negotiable.

Production company for starch and ethanol production plants and related devices

Introduction The company was founded in 1883. The current director (majority shareholder) has no successor in the family and wants to stop working completely in the near future. This director has made the production company within a few years profitable again.
Business scope This company designs, assembles and starts up machines and devices for starch and ethanol production companies (with a unique concept).

The metal company produces: rasps, hydro cyclones, rotating vacuum filters, strainers, mixers, distillation columns etc.

Export This company exports a major part of their production to countries such as North America / Canada, Brazil, Cuba, China, Indonesia.
Location and employees The company itself is located in the Nothern part of the Netherlands and has 50 employees.
Turnover Turnover is € 10 – 12 million
Result At least 10% EBIT

Supplier of (prefabricated) reinforcement and molding construction & concrete industry is looking for a partnership

Customers Housing, building, land/road/water construction, prefab concrete industry, drilling pile producers
Working area East & the middle of the Netherlands
History Started in 1988
Strenghts Strong position in the region and well-known company name in the sector by ‘one-stop-shop’ concept with complete reinforcement constructions, eventually inclusive of concreting activities, one contact person, proven craftsmanship, reliable in executing agreements and in quality of delivered work, innovative with gauze mold which makes encasing redundant
Staff ~ 20
Location Netherlands
Equipment / machinery Reinforcing bars are transferred into prefab basket with computerized cut and bending, welding machines by means of special assembly frames. It is delivered with a gravity unloader at the construction site.
Certification Komo, Kiwa, VCA
Turnover ~ € 2,500,000
Is looking for a merging partner The partner should be a company of the same size and comparable market positioning in a nearby region.
Potential candidates for a partnership should be
  • Reinforcement (weaver and / or steel supplier) and formwork specialist companies
  • Basement builders (contractors concrete work)
  • Suppliers of bored piles
  • Contractors earthworks