Merger & acquisition

There are various reasons to buy another company or to sell your own company. But how can you make sure that this process will be successful?

A successful merger or acquisition

Success with mergers and acquisitions strongly depends on several conditions that should be fulfilled before and after the process.

The most important conditions are harmony in the top layer (board / management) of the company,  its market oriented approach, a clear business plan, direct communication, good planning, high speed, quick implementation and a decentralised management approach.

Our approach

In order to conclude a company buying or selling process successfully, we will take care of the process management, the value estimation and the negotiations.

The merger and acquisition process holds various multidisciplinary expertise & knowledge (since each case is unique) therefore experience is needed to realise the critical success factors. It is about factors like quality of the decision making, acceptance and support from all involved parties and the way this process is managed and controlled.

Especially the company’s culture of both buyer and seller require a high amount of attention by which the right balance between the rational and emotional factors deserve special attention. Therefore it is extremely important that these processes are accompanied by experts who have a lot of experience in this field. We can conduct transactions on all kinds of levels globally.

We dispose a high valuable knowledge and have years of experience with a large number of independent partners and colleagues in the merger and acquisition branch, which gives us the opportunity and excellent possibilities to take quickly advantage of the current supply and demand.